As America’s Money Maven, I live my life with a mission to move the masses from debt management to money mastery.

As I’ve said, unlike many personal finance “experts,” I don’t believe that cutting coupons and budgeting diligently is enough to help you master money and live life on your terms. You have to align your gifts with opportunities to earn more and I know how to help you do that.

I don’t believe in gimmicks and I don’t believe in cute tricks or bait and switch tactics. I help you monetize your God given gifts authentically so you can attract business success effortlessly.

LOVEMy coaching is not for the faint of heart.

True to my Real Money Answers books and brand, I’m here to hold you accountable to your greatness and the only way I know how to do that is to cut the fluff, be transparent and keep it real. I don’t believe in the bait and switch gimmicks that are so prevalent online today. To be quite honest, it’s sickening – but that’s another talk for another day. I’m 100% straight talk – no chaser, mixed with some laughter and a little love and inspiration because that’s what we ALL need on this journey.

I selectively work with people who know they have an idea, brand or business that can change their lives personally, professionally and financially, but need a transparent coach with a proven track record to help them flush out the details, create a plan and monetize for success.

Here’s What Sit + WIN Clients are Saying!

Merissa Grayson

America’s Blended Family Expert
Torrance, CA

Levi Harrell

Levi Harrell Enterprises
Atlanta, GA

Veronique Link

The Link Institute
Newark, Delaware

Benitra Aiken

Believe With B
Atlanta, GA

Tracy & Nicole

Fulfilling the Dream
New York City, NY

Have You Heard Enough?

Here’s the Truth:

Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful experience. The opportunity to walk in your purpose each day, work with people you enjoy and create life on your terms is something many yearn for, but only few master.


Because entrepreneurship can also be a very lonely journey. It can be frustrating, scary, intimidating and unnecessarily expensive when you don’t have the answers to your most burning questions.

Have you ever wished you could sit down and pick the brain of a successful entrepreneur?

Have you ever wanted someone who was transparent enough to share their successes and failures with you so you could WIN in your own business?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This would be so much easier if someone would just give me a blue print, a system, a tool, a strategy that could shave years off my learning curve?”

Well, your wishes have been answered!

Each quarter, I’m giving only a handful of entrepreneurs an opportunity to sit down with me one-on-one for a private coaching experience. After founding a real estate, mortgage and escrow brokerage in my 700 sq ft condo at 21 years old, I transformed the company into a 7-figure real estate empire by just 25 years old. When I lost my fortune in the recession, I had to reinvent myself in the marketplace from scratch. Just years later I would create a multiple six-figure business as the CEO of a personal finance training and development firm, 3x best-selling author, national spokesperson, featured media personality for NBC, FOX News, Dr. Oz and more, plus the go-to personal finance expert heard by millions weekly on the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show and seen monthly on the Steve Harvey TV Show.

Sit & WIN VIP Coaching sessions allow me to share my wisdom with you so that you can create a customized strategy to WIN. There’s nothing cookie cutter about my coaching. Everything we build out is based on YOU and what your business needs next in order to WIN!

You’ll be able to tap me and even get introduced to some of my amazing friends and colleagues (based on your needs) to coach you through your brand building, self-publishing process, business systems, marketing strategies, financial breakthroughs and more.

The only question is:
Where do you want to sit?

Hot Seat – $1197

  • (1) 2 Hour Virtual Session to get your burning questions answered so you can get unstuck on 1-2 business areas and make much needed progress quickly.
  • Recorded Session delivered to your Dropbox
  • (1) 30 -minute call 30 days after last coaching session to assess progress
  • 30 days of E-mail Support Following Session
  • NOTE: Can be used as check-in for Winner’s & VIP packages after first session.


Winner’s Seat – $3497

  • (3) 90-minute Monthly Virtual Sessions to create specific strategies that will accelerate your entrepreneurial success!
  • Recorded Sessions delivered to your Dropbox
  • (1) 30 -minute call 30 days after last coaching session to assess progress
  • 60 days of E-mail Support During Coaching Sessions


VIP Seat

  • (1) 7 Hour In-Person Session to assess your personal and professional brand and create specific strategies that will accelerate your entrepreneurial success!
  • One Night Stay in 4-5 star hotel in Los Angeles, CA
  • Ground Transportation to and from airport (*Out of State Guests ONLY)
  • Private Breakfast & Lunch provided
  • Written 90 day action plan guaranteed so there’s no confusion about what’s next for you and your business
  • Recorded Session on MP3
  • LIVE Scribe in room taking notes and pictures so you can focus
  • (2) 45-minute virtual sessions 30 days and 60 days after coaching session to assess progress
  • 60 days of E-mail Support Following Session



You know what your gift is, but you don’t have the first clue about how to properly monetize it OR you have a great overall idea, but can’t see how to bring it all together to create results.

Book Launch Strategy

You’re writing a book and want to make it a best-seller OR you’ve written a book that like most books hasn’t sold and is still a best-kept secret. We can build out a strategy complete with the exact timeline I’ve used to self-publish and traditionally publish three best-selling titles.

Product Creation

You’ve been teaching or training directly and indirectly for years, but you struggle with how to create books, audios or trainings people will actually invest in. We can build/tweak your proprietary system and repurpose the content you have now for fast cash.

Marketing Strategy

You’re talking to everyone on all of your social media channels and “networking” tirelessly, but no one is talking back to you, hiring you or buying from you. We can streamline your messaging so that you’re speaking directly to people who can’t wait to work with you.

Pricing Products & Services

You’re good at what you do, but you know you’re not charging enough to continue exerting the same energy for minimal return. We can add value without adding more hours to your work week.

Brand Building

You’re ready to be recognized as an authority in your space instead of one of many in your crowded industry. You’re ready to join the short-list of sought after high paid speakers, media personalities or coaches. We can create a multifaceted strategy to help take your brand from unknown or local to national and global.

How do the virtual coaching sessions work?

Contrary to popular belief, virtual coaching is highly effective. Just as I would in an in-person setting, I prepare for your session well in advance and come with 2-3 pages of my own notes and plans so that we can get straight to work.

Your actual session is NOT a call; it’s video conferencing so we’ll be able to see, hear one another and collaborate as you would in-person without the expense of flying to me or investing in me flying to you.

Because I travel weekly, it also ensures that no matter where I am in the country/world, you can get your burning questions answered and still make the progress you need.

How long does the Winner’s Seat Package take to complete?

The 3-session package will typically launch and be completed within 12 weeks based on both of our schedules. Each session is 90-minutes and is designed to leave you with specific tasks that you can have completed within the 3-4 week period in between sessions.

The Winner’s Seat package will not go beyond 12 weeks, so if this is the option we agree on for you, we both will need to adjust our full schedules to make coaching a priority for you.

Why do I have to apply if I can pay your coaching fee?

Great question! Having money doesn’t make us a great fit for working together. I may not feel after chatting with you that I can deliver what you currently need in your business at the time and if that’s the case, I’m transparent enough to tell you that upfront.

The good thing is true to the affirmations I teach, I work because I want to – NOT because I have to. I’m not in this business to make a quick buck. My clients creating success means the world to me. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll go home and do your part, I can guarantee that I’m going to give you ALL that I’ve got during our time together. If I don’t feel like I can do that, I’d rather refer you to a coach who might be a better fit.

Is there a payment plan?

Can I keep it real? I’m all for stretching to invest in yourself as I’ve done it many times before, but I’m not for creating a hardship for anyone – especially fellow entrepreneurs.

If you select the HOT Seat option, but don’t have the means to pay $1197 upfront then that means you likely need to start with my Earn More Money Bootcamp. It’s a group session I hold 2-3x per year at an affordable cost to help you get clear on your purpose and start making money from your idea.

For the Winner’s Seat OR VIP Seat, there are payment options of 1 payment or 2 payments + a 5% admin fee.

If I sign up for the HOT seat, is 2 hours enough time to really get my questions answered?

My clients will tell you that I don’t log-in to your coaching time trying to get ready – I come ready. This is not a “Hey, girl! How you doing?” session. This is a “Let’s Get this MONEY NOW” session!

I know what I know. I’m intentional, deliberate and 100% focused on YOU during that time.

I’ve helped people outline entire books, create and price a menu of products and services, create book launch strategies, map out their entire websites, develop social media campaigns and more in less than two hours.

Winging it and wishing for the best is not enough.

Show me a business or idea and I’ll show you how to stand out, earn more money and build an authentic business you can be proud of.

And if I can’t, I’ll tell you that upfront and do my best to connect you with the right resources that can.

I’m committed to you WINNING!

If you have questions about coaching with Patrice C. Washington, please call (855) 888-1455 or e-mail our Client Relationship Manager at [email protected]